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Health Concerns

October 13, 2014


Blackwell Public Schools Parents and Employees,


Today we live in a society where the safety and security of all schools is of the upmost importance.  Blackwell Public Schools is committed to ensuring the safety and security of all students, staff and visitors.  Most commonly when we think of the safety and security of a school building we think of the accessibility of our students from possible intruders.  But as administrators we also monitor the health and well being of students and staff. 


Along with the majority of the world, we in Blackwell are also aware of the Ebola virus that is devastating three West Africa nations: Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone.  It is heartbreaking to see a disease take the lives of so many human beings.    


As a parent and grandparent myself, I would want to know that my child’s school is doing everything possible to prevent the spread of disease.  Because BPS is a public school district, we cannot prohibit people from entering our buildings based on their travels.   However, we CAN raise our awareness levels and educate ourselves about the symptoms of the Ebola virus and work with local and state health officials in the event that we suspect any symptoms in our children or ourselves.


While we do NOT anticipate any Ebola cases here at BPS, we want you as parents and staff to understand the importance we place on our commitment to the health and the well being of everyone in our care. Should the need arise, we will immediately work with all local, state and national health officials.  In the interim, the BPS Administration recommends that you review the facts about the Ebola virus.  We have provided a link to the CDC resources on Frequently Asked Questions

handout and a link to the Travellers Screening Fact Sheet. Printed handouts are available in the office of your child’s school. 


Working together and supporting one another are points of pride for the Blackwell Maroons… we look forward to continuing the mission of working together to support every child’s academic success.

Please read the document below for more information:




Rick Riggs


Document Title Date Uploaded Ebola Fact Sheet 2014-10-15