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Parent Information

Parents Information Page

This page is designed to help keep parents informed throughout the season. We hope to keep updated practice dates (on days we aren't in school), scrimmages, meetings and booster events on this page. If there are ever any questions do not hesitate to contact any of the coaches. All emails are available on the coaching staff page.





Blackwell Basketball Boosters

The Blackwell Maroons Basketball Booster Club in a non-profit organization established to support the Men and Women, Middle School and High School basketball teams at Blackwell Public Schools. Individuals and families are encouraged to join the Basketball Booster Club and participate in the many events we sponsor. The money the booster club raises is used to feed the teams after games, off set summer camp expenses, update equipment, and assist with unexpected expenses that may occur during the season. The booster club meets at 8:00pm the first Wednesday of each month at the High School Study Center.


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