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Title I




PURPOSE:  The purpose of the Title I program is to provide for high quality educational opportunities for students in both elementary and secondary schools.


GOAL:The primary goal of Title I is to increase the academic achievement of eligible students by using high standards and achievement expectations.


ELIGIBLE STUDENTS: All Elementary and Middle School students are eligible to participate in the Title I program  with some identified students being targeted for additional help.


AREA OF INSTRUCTION: The Federal Government has mandated that all children be proficient in reading and mathematics by the year 2012-2013.

a. Math

b. Reading


GRADES TO BE SERVED: At Blackwell Elementary, students in grades K-5 will be served by the Title I Program.  Students in grades 6-8 will be served by the Title I Program at the Middle School level.


TEACHER CERTIFICATION: Regular classroom teachers who teach elementary Title  I reading, and math classes are properly certificated in reading and math just as other teachers in the district must be certificated.   Title I teachers in the middle school replacement program are also classroom teachers certified in the teaching area they serve.

Elementary – Brenda Russell Language Arts/Math/EL (1FTE)

Elementary - Stacey Husted – Reading (1FTE)

Elementary- Blair Turney All Day 4-K  (1FTE)



      Middle School- Candi Holt - Reading / L.A. (1FTE)

      Middle School-  Jennifer Lambert - Math (1FTE)




SELECTION OF STUDENT POPULATION TO BE SERVED : All middle school students will qualify for Title I services, yet will be targeted depending upon qualification.  All students at the elementary site are eligible, yet are targeted with the same scores (as Middle School) for service depending upon qualifications.



- Parent Teacher Conference Days: October 10th/11th and March 7th/9th       

                        - Parents are encouraged to visit with the Title I teachers at any time.