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Title I




PURPOSE:  The purpose of the Title I program is to provide for high quality educational opportunities for students in both elementary and secondary schools.


GOAL:The primary goal of Title I is to increase the academic achievement of eligible students by using high standards and achievement expectations.


ELIGIBLE STUDENTS: All Elementary and Middle School students are eligible to participate in the Title I program  with some identified students being targeted for additional help.


AREA OF INSTRUCTION: The Federal Government has mandated that all children be proficient in reading and mathematics by the year 2012-2013.

a. Math

b. Reading


GRADES TO BE SERVED: At Blackwell Elementary, students in grades K-5 will be served by the Title I Program.  Students in grades 6-8 will be served by the Title I Program at the Middle School level.  Yearly discussion on student complacts signed yearly by students, parents and staff. 


TEACHER CERTIFICATION: Regular classroom teachers who teach elementary Title  I reading, and math classes are properly certificated in reading and math just as other teachers in the district must be certificated.   Title I teachers in the middle school replacement program are also classroom teachers certified in the teaching area they serve.

Elementary - Brenda Russell Language Arts/Math (1FTE)

Elementary- Brittany Turner Language Arts/Math 4-K  (1FTE)


      Middle School- Candi Holt Reading/L.A. (1FTE)

      Middle School- Jennifer Lambert Math (3/7 FTE)




SELECTION OF STUDENT POPULATION TO BE SERVED : All middle school students will qualify for Title I services, yet will be targeted depending upon qualification.  All students at the elementary site are eligible, yet are targeted with the same scores (as Middle School) for service depending upon qualifications.


PARENT PARTICIPATION/INFORMATION  - Parent Teacher Conference Days: October 14th/15th and March 10th/12th       

                        - Parents are encouraged to visit with the Title I teachers at any time.

Fall Parent Meeting: Wednesday, October 20th, 2021.

Spring Parent Meeting: Tuesday, March 1st 2022.