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Basketball Coronation 2012

 Basketball Coronation

January 10,2012

Queen Patty Rascon and King Stephen Short

Senior Attendants: Carissa Parr and Jennifer Arnold

Senior Escorts: Kevin Fiorina and Camron Shrum

Junior Attendants: Faith Ashford and Kristen Simunek

Junior Escorts:  Colton DeMuth and Nick Decker

Sophomore Attendants:  Brittany McBrain and Tara Lucas

Sophomore Escorts:  Trey Hubbard and Braden Weese

  • Pretty girls Faith, Kristen, and Tara
  • Sassy Jenn
  • Carissa looking very pretty
  • Carissa and Jenn
  • Kevin Colton and Stephen
  • Camron, Kevin, Colton, Stephen and Angel
  • Beautiful Queen Patty
  • Kira and Patty
  • Great looking royalty!
  • Thanks for the help guys!!
  • Thanks Christian and Leonel!
  • Who's in green??
  • Brittany looking pretty ready to start coronation.