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Dress Code


 Dress Code:  Dress regulations for Blackwell High School students are based on personal cleanliness and respect for others.  If a student’s appearance is considered to be indecent by a teacher/staff member the student will be referred to the office for appropriate action.  Grooming and personal hygiene shall be directed toward making the student neat in appearance, healthy in body and in mind and acceptable to peers and others.
  1.  No head cover of any kind shall be worn in the school building unless required by the teacher.
  2. Glasses with tinted lens (or sunglasses) will only be worn in the school building if they are prescribed by orders of a physician.
  3. Shirts worn by all students must have sleeves, cover the shoulders and back and must overlap at the waist.  Any top that shows cleavage will not be allowed.
  4. Shorts and skirts must be at least mid thigh length.  Skirt and short slits must meet this rule also.  No holes above the knees in shorts, slacks, or skirts will be considered appropriate.
  5. Students must wear shoes.
  6. Lewd or obscene patches, drawings or sayings are not permitted nor items advertising or promoting alcohol, tobacco or drugs.  Pants, shorts or skirts should not display printing, writing or any form of communication across the seat of the garment or any other location deemed inappropriate. 
  7. Any style of dress or paraphernalia that can be linked to gang activity will not be permitted.

 1st Referral:  Parent will be contacted.  Student will be sent home with an absence until returning properly attired.

2nd Referral:   Parent will be contacted.  Student will be sent home with absence until returning properly attired.  Three hours detention will be assigned.