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Posted Date: 03/08/2021


Dear Parents:


Pre-Enrollment time is coming near!   We are preparing for the 2021-2022 School Year.   Covid-19 has allowed us to transition from paper- pencil pre- enrollment to an online option.  Our district has been working very hard to bring a convenient online platform for pre-enrollment paperwork. This process will require parents and guardians to be able to access their student’s demographic information and paperwork for the next school year.   This will be a process but rest assured we are here to help!


Our goal is for parents/guardians to be able to login into the Wengage Parent Portal and see their attached students K-12. 


Parents who have never logged into the Wengage 


  1.  Go to Blackwell Public Schools website:


  1.  Click on PARENTS tab on the upper right at top of page


  1.  Scroll and click on WENGAGE Sign In


  1. Enter your username and password and click Login.  If you cannot successfully login skip to the Helpline at the end of this document stating LOGIN is the Issue.


  1. Once logged into Wengage Parent Portal, click on Students Record Portal Application. If you cannot see Student Records Portal or it is grayed out, skip to the Helpline at the end of this document and state the issue is: Access to Student Records Portal  


  1. After accessing the Student Records Portal, you should see all your children currently enrolled in Blackwell Public Schools K-12th grade.  If you cannot see all of your students listed, skip to the Helpline at the end of this document and state the issue is: Accessing Students in Record Portal (Cannot see ALL students in Student Record Portal.   



  1. Pre-enrollment will begin  March 8th, 2021 through April 2nd, 2021


Parents with issues logging into the Wengage Parent Portal should click on the Helpline LInk  for assistance.



These links can be found at:


Blackwell Public Schools website


Blackwell Elementary Facebook Page


Blackwell Public Schools Facebook Page


School Messenger Email