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OBA COVID Guidelines for the basketball game

Posted Date: 12/03/2020

OBA COVID Guidelines for the basketball game

Oklahoma Bible Academy Athletic COVID Guidelines

- In Helping maintain the health and safety of student athletes and to observe social distancing
protocols, only team personnel, officials and administration are allowed on the playing
field/floor before, during and after contest.
- Social Distancing among spectators is to be observed at all times.
- Face coverings are encouraged and will be available if needed.
- There will be no team handshake after the game. However, in the spirt of sportsmanship OBA
will acknowledge the opponent as determined by Head Coaches prior the game.
- Concessions will be limited to prepackaged items only. Social Distancing in Concessions area is
to be observed at all times. Concession workers are required to face coverings. If Social
Distancing in concession area is unavailable then face coverings are expected.
- Face covering are expected to be utilized in restroom areas.
- The number of spectators allowed may be limited to ensure social distancing is maintained.
- Gate workers are required to wear face covering and will conduct temperature checks on
- Individuals conducting themselves in an unsafe manner or causing risk to athletes and coaches
may be removed from game.
Visiting Team Guidance:
- Temperature checks / Verification of will be requested.
- Locker rooms will be available, but teams are recommend to come dressed and ready to
participate for event. Mask are encouraged in the locker room.
- Social distancing is expected in the bench / sideline area.
** These guidelines can and may be modify at any time.

Oklahoma Bible Academy
for Game Operations

1- Hand sanitizer available at the table.
2- Players need to have their own water bottle and towel.
3- Managers assisting with water / towels need to wear a mask and gloves.
4- Those working the table are required to wear a Mask.
5- Clean ball on all timeouts and halftime.
6- Bench chairs will be spaced out limiting #s.
7- Row behind bench empty to allow for spacing (physical distancing).
8- Clean / disinfect areas regularly.
9- Modified handshake routine after game. Physical distancing will be maintained
between teams. Determined by the Coaches.
10- Physical Distancing in the stands is requested and expected. Mask are recommended.
** Modifications to these mitigations can occur at anytime as determined by
- Modifications could include:
o Limited number of spectators allowed in gym
o Mask requirement.

-OBA Administration