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Return to School 2020-2021

Posted Date: 07/30/2020

Return to School 2020-2021

Dear Parents, Students and Staff:

Blackwell Public Schools is committed to providing the safest and healthiest learning environment possible for our students.  Our goal is to create the most normal school day as possible while mitigating the risk of COVID-19.   We understand that you have many questions regarding the upcoming school year.  Hopefully this correspondence will help answer some of the questions that you have at this time.  Please keep in mind that this is new territory for everyone involved, and things are changing on a daily basis.  This information could change at any time given due to the guidance that we are receiving from the Oklahoma State Department of Education.

  1. The first day of class for students will be August 20th.
  2. BPS students will have two pathways of education to choose from: #1. traditional school and #2 at home virtual school.  If you are interested in the virtual pathway or have questions please contact the grade principal for more details.  Please make contact with the grade principal so that plans can be made.  
  • Pre K-Kindergarten:  Mrs. Hankins
  •              Grades 1 and 2:  Mrs. Agee
  • Grades 3-5:     Mrs. Moore
  • Grades 6-8:  Mrs. Miller
  • Grades 9-12:  Mr. Magin                                                                                                                                                                                                         
  1. Administrators are working to create schedules that include minimizing close physical interactions as much as possible. Classrooms will be arranged to maximize desk spacing between student and teachers to the greatest extent possible.  We are also working on adjusting some lunch schedules and the passing periods between classes to maximize social distancing. 
  2. Each building will have an entry plan to follow upon entering. 
  3. Disinfection, sanitation and cleanliness will be a high priority at all sites.  Extra cleaning attention will be given to high touch surface areas.  Students will be expected to wash or sanitize their hands often throughout the day. 
  4. Face coverings will not be required.  However if a student or staff member chooses to wear one, it will be allowed.  The district will provide a washable face covering to any student or staff member that wants one.   
  5. All students and staff will have temperature checks before entering the buildings or busses each morning.  Any person with a temperature of 100.4 degrees or higher will immediately be sent home.  In order for that person to return to the school setting, they must be fever free for 48 hours without medication. 
  6. Bus transportation will be provided for those who rely on it.  The district is encouraging all parents to transport their children to and from school if possible.  Those children riding the bus will have temperature checks before entering the bus each morning.  Students from the same family will need to sit together while riding on the bus. Students riding the bus will be allowed to wear face coverings if they choose to. 
  7. Elementary students will still have recess time during the day. 
  8. BMS and BHS will still have extra curricular activities such as sports, music and FFA. 

Visitors and guests will not be allowed in the buildings unless they are deemed essential by the building principal.