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Karey Henderson                            580-363-2100           

I LOVE being the school counselor at Blackwell Middle School.  I enjoy the students and am passionate about helping them develop socially, emotionally, and academically.  I have been in education for twelve years teaching various levels and in school counseling.  I received my Bachelor’s degree in Family Relations and Child Development from Oklahoma State University.  I hold teaching certifications in Early Childhood Education and Elementary Education.  I have a  Master’s degree in School Counseling from Southeastern Oklahoma State University.  I am a member of the American School Counselors Association and the Oklahoma School Counselors Association.


Blackwell Middle School Counseling Program-

The BMS counseling program is a comprehensive counseling program built upon the American School Counseling Association National Model.  The program incorporates the four components of the A.S.C.A. National Model.  The components are the foundation (the basis for the B.M.S. counseling program), management (organization of the program used to implement the program), delivery (services to students, 80% being indirect and direct services), and accountability (accountability measures the responsibility of the school counselor).  


What is a school counselor?

What can a school counselor do for you?
*Curriculum*- The B.M.S. theme is “#Be”.  be A different trait is taught each month.  An example of monthly traits are:  Be Kind, Be Loyal, Be an Achiever, Be Grateful, Be Diligent, and Be Honest.  The school theme is used to implement character trait instruction.  Lessons are taught in classrooms, large groups, and assemblies. 
*Consultation*- If you have a concern or want to celebrate a success, you are welcome to contact my office.  You can call the school at 580-363-2100 or email me at
*Counseling*- I am available to work with students individually and in small groups.  I assist students as they learn and practice life-long skills like working cooperatively, making friends, processing feelings, resolving conflicts, and problem-solving.  I also help students with academic advisement, scheduling, organizational skills, and study skills.  Referrals to visit with me can be initiated by a staff member, a parent, an administrator, or the student.  Student self-referral forms are located outside my office and can be left in my mailbox.  All counselor-student interaction is confidential; unless someone is hurting the student, the student plans to hurt themselves or someone else, or someone’s safety is at risk. 
Counseling Advisory Committee-
BMS has a Counseling Advisory Committee.  The committee meets twice a year, in September and April to evaluate the counseling program.  The committee assures that 80% of the counselor’s time is spent in direct and indirect student services.  The committee also helps guide the curriculum to best meet the needs of BMS students.  The committee is comprised of the school counselor, administration, teachers, students, and parents.  If you are interested in being appointed as a volunteer for this committee, please contact Mrs. Miller at or Ms. Henderson at
Blackwell Middle School Counseling Vision Statement:
 “Be Yourself
Everyone else is already taken”
-Oscar Wilde
maroon spirit
Blackwell Middle School Mission Statement:
 The mission of Blackwell Middle School is to provide a safe, nurturing, and academically challenging learning environment where students prepare to become responsible citizens.